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Spreading value

Organising an event is like making a film. It is a series of events designed to engage those present. It goes beyond the time and place of the event itself to disseminate its essence and value through media and by word of mouth of those that participated.

ISO Produzioni thinks of events in a cross-media way. This is to obtain the best results in terms of contacts reached and spreading a positive image before, during and after the event. We take attention to detail for granted. Perfect planning and execution make the difference.

The creation of a functional setting and the promotion of the product, the selection of guests and the exclusivity of their participation, the attention to making their experience unique, the media exposure (social networks and traditional media) and the follow up. An obsessive dedication to the success of your presentation is our calling card. RSVP.

Sex, Drugs & Rock'n’Roll. Maybe not exactly this, but the ingredients for a party worthy of the name are well known. They include the right music, beautiful people, an engaging atmosphere and purpose-made positive vibes, with the perfect guest flow management as well. If, at your house, people just end up chatting in the kitchen, at the events that we organise you can rest assured that everybody will be putting themselves on show.

We have experience of putting on fashion shows like few others can. This is guaranteed by the participation of Fashion Channel - a world leader in the distribution and broadcasting of fashion content and fashion shows producer since 1982, with ISO Produzioni as its main shareholder. We offer the creation of fashion shows including consultancy services such as casting, direction, technique, lights, music, filming, international distribution and inclusion in the official calendars of the best Fashion Weeks in the world.

From supporting large-scale fairs to the entire organisation of trade fairs and congresses, we offer administrative services, technical services, services for exhibitors, hospitality organisation and media services. In addition, we benefit from the specialisation of our subsidiary "The Model Spot" that relies on over 1000 people to provide hospitality during events. Contact us to submit your requirements, with no strings attached. Our flexibility will amaze you.