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Media planning

Perfect recipes

Anyone who markets products and services will have become familiar with terms such as RTB, Remarketing, Social ADV, Engagement and Influencers. The real challenge is to line them up in a systematic way, carefully mixing budgets across various channels based on your target market.

"Everything on TV" still works for a few mass market products, and it's not a coincidence that the growth rate in online advertising isn't slowing down. The advertising mix is key, and as in any self-respecting recipe, the secret lies in the quantities of the ingredients.

Insight analysis, qualitative selection and engagement of leading Italian and international influencers in the target market of the product/service to be promoted.

Programmatic advertising to reach customers in a precise and punctual way, also through retargeting activities relating to adverts. Premium planning and RTB (Real Time Bidding) from the best online newspapers to DSP platforms (Demand Side Platform).

ADV planning on the main Social Networks to support publishing activities and to benefit lead generation. Optimal selection of formats and trafficking services for constant performance optimisation.

Generation and promotion of sales channels within Social Networking platforms. Real stores at the heart of your customers online browsing.

Design, creation and promotion of contact acquisition strategies (lead generation) through the provision of services and benefits for users reachable through the internet.

Design, creation and promotion of customer/user acquisition strategies (conversion) through the direct involvement of customers in the processes of sales and of subscriptions to services.