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Message 2.0

“Once upon a time there was the press office.” This could be the first line from the book on the evolution of how companies spread their messages throughout the market for free. Given that editorials have almost always gone hand in hand with advertising space, spreading these messages has never been free, at least not until the advent of the internet, blogs, forums and social networks.

Today it is truly possible to circulate messages without necessarily having to suck up to editorial staff and their advertisements. ISO Produzioni has a long experience in the branch of communication known as Digital Marketing. From strategy to implementation, finding the right ways to make the message travel without borders is our specialty.

Strategy means drawing up a project borne out of appropriate market analysis and a planned mix of activities required to reach objectives. We put our experience and creativity at the foundation of everything we do in order to provide made-to-measure projects for the customer.

The main access routes to a website are Social Networks and Search Engines, of which Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation are key to generating traffic on a website’s landing pages. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and contain an enormous number of variables to consider in order to win the race for users' search results. Only teams of experts such as those at ISO Produzioni have the necessary actions within their reach to carry out these operations.

The services offered in the field of Social Media Marketing are endless. We can however summarise them in the ability to tell the story of a company and its products/services in an interesting way. Today, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are like the local bar where people once exchanged tips on where to get products and services. That’s where we go to speak with our customers. And we speak about products and services in a very interesting way.

Over the years, we’ve seen the birth of authoritative resources devoted to information regarding products and services. These, along with prominent magazines, have been able to snap up a significant audience on the internet. Ensuring that influential media outlets talk about a company and its products/services is a question of being able to generate newsworthiness and capture, as good PR experts should, the attention of contributors.

Monitoring the web to understand how people talk about your company, intervening with third-party profiles to influence the opinion of consumers, and directing them to real news and official sources. These services are designed to counteract any bad press perhaps created on purpose by your competition. They are just a few of the infiltration services that ISO makes available to its customers so as not to leave anything out.