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Communication strategy

Captive audiance?

Advertising is vital for business, but large captive audiences don’t exist like they used to. Today, communication strategy relies on careful analysis of the target audience, especially the identification of offline and online consumer behaviour paths. There are countless tools for this and the boundary between ATL and BTL has disappeared. This has established the need for companies to think not only of their message, but above all how to get it out there in the right way.

Engaging consumers was the challenge for market pioneers. Now the real objective is to not let the consumer get away, creating a consistent, comforting environment for potential customers through the use of all media types. ISO Produzioni develops appropriate strategies, starting with marketing analysis, for B2C and B2B companies that are careful not to squander their advertising efforts.

Studying and measuring customer sentiment and preferences in specific markets through innovative survey tools.

Attractive, effective copies and the creation of SEO-compliant texts that fully accommodate the needs of the users and give them the right answer.

A team of graphic designers dedicated to the design of visuals capable of combining the effectiveness of imagery with technologies used for interaction with consumers.

Multichannel capabilities and convergence in the use of different media and trends in communication, in order to maximise the impact on consumers.