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ISO is the fruit of years of experience of a creative duo brought together by natural causes. Maurizio and Massimiliano Braca are M3, pen and paintbrush of the communication strategies of over 200 clients. These include companies guided by the two brothers in their marketing activities from the early 90s to today.

Pioneers of the digital revolution, they can be defined as expert early-adopters of the most innovative communication methods.

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ISO is an advanced creative laboratory consisting of several teams of experts in marketing strategies, business communications and the production of advertising and editorial content.

But not only. Through its subsidiaries and affiliate companies, ISO publishes world-renowned publications. It also manages a long list of celebrity spokespersons and promotes the image and product of its clients on social networks.

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A team of expert professionals dedicated to the production of advertising films and photographic campaigns. Artistic direction, casting, locations, budgeting, executive production and optimisation are just some of the links in the production chain. They are put into action with a selection of the most established directors and photographers, supported by top level artistic and technical personnel. An experience also applied to the best events where creativity, direction and production give their best to obtain quality results through clever budget management.

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A digital development structure with a proprietary framework for the development of dedicated CRM/CMS platforms and integrated e-Commerce solutions. Mobile apps and landing pages geared towards conversion with appropriate funnels designed on an ad-hoc basis. But also, state-of-the-art aesthetics thanks to the most innovative front-end solutions, keeping an eye on algorithms of the most popular search engines within the scope of SEO.

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A team dedicated to the production of web and social content that adequately populates digital properties with texts, images and videos. A network of photographers and video makers from all over the world. Creativity and organisation of resources put in place by a group of young digital natives capable of engaging online audiences with expertise and freshness.

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A team dedicated to the advertising mix for tactical and technical investments in digital sectors and traditional media. Campaign optimisation and conversion monitoring to support sales, combined with retargeting techniques. TV and press planning combined with product placement activities, in-store promotion and influencer campaigns.

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